Senior Law Program

Services provided by our Senior Law Program:


  • Protect the public benefits of elderly and disabled individuals.
  • Defend against illegal evictions.
  • Protect victims of abuse.
  • Protect against consumer fraud.
  • Provide education and outreach.
  • Participates in a broad network of agencies to provide coordinated services.

Each day, physical and emotional abuse and financial exploitation threaten the wellbeing, mental health and economic security of our senior population! This year alone, an estimated 14.1 percent of all non-institutionalized older adults have experiences of physical, psychological, sexual abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation. Yet, for every case reported, another 23 cases of abuse go unnoticed.

In the past ten years we have provided senior law legal services to over 3,000 low-income senior residents of San Francisco.

If you would like to set up an appointment with our Senior Law Program, please contact Maribel Sanchez at or 415-553-3429.