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The Workers' Ten Commandments

The Worker's Ten Commandments

  1. Your immigration status does not matter. Even if you are UNDOCUMENTED, if you have worked, you have the right to be paid.

  2. You MUST be paid at least the minimum wage per all your regular hours worked.  In San Francisco the current minimum wage is $16.99 per hour.

  3. Your Employer MAY NOT ask you about arrests or convictions on job applications and MAY NOT conduct background checks or ask about criminal records until AFTER making you a conditional offer of employment.

  4. You MUST be paid overtime if you worked more than 8 hours per day or more than 40 hours per week.

  5. Your Employer MUST provide you with a 30-minute UNPAID meal break for every 5 hours of work.

  6. Your Employer MUST provide you with a 10-minute PAID rest break if you work a shift of between 3.5 and 6 hours and MUST provide you with 2 rest breaks if you work a shift of between 6 and 10 hours.

  7. Tips are your property, but your Employer MAY establish tip pooling if “reasonable” and shared by employees providing service.

  8. Vacation pay is NOT required by law, but if provided, the Employer must pay it if you have not used it at termination or resignation.

  9. You HAVE the right to use Paid Sick Leave hours, after 90 days of hire date.  It is not necessary you miss a full shift.  You can request to use a few hour of PSL at a time, and these hours can be used for a personal and/or a family member’s illness, or to care for another person.

  10. Your Employer MUST pay you ALL your wages due, plus your remaining accrued vacation time, immediately upon discharge or resignation.

Finally, you have many other rights and your Employer CANNOT FIRE AND/OR PUNISH you for trying to exercise your rights, for example, asking for a sick day or for organizing your coworkers to demand your workers’ rights. 


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