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Immigration Reform Platform

La Raza Centro Legal Immigration Law Platform

La Raza Centro Legal prioritizes the below in Immigration Law Reform

La Raza Centro Legal prioritizes the below in Immigration Law Reform

Legalization/Pathways to Citizenship

Equal Rights for Legal Permanent Residents

  • Visa holders should have same rights and protections as U.S. citizens, since they are an integral part of the national economy

Family Reunification

  • Preserve All Existing Categories

Stop All Deportations Terminate E-Verify

  • All workers must be treated equally! No worker is illegal.

Right to Due Process

  • Right to Legal Counsel

No Criminalization (No Human is Illegal)

  • No Detention Centers; No Ankle Monitors

No Militarization of Border

  • Stop Funding Border Wall

Increase Number of U-Visas and Family Visas

No Longer Use the term “Alien”

To address the root causes of immigration crisis in U.S., we must address the global economic crisis.

La Raza Centro Legal prioritizes the below in addressing the root causes of the immigration crisis.

Immigrants’ countries must be able to tax and regulate international corporations based in the U.S. & Europe that extract resources from immigrants’ countries.

  • This would put historically marginalized countries in control of their own  resources empowering them to address their economic crisis that drive immigrants to the U.S.

Close the gap between the rich and the rest of the world including increasing the value of labor and increasing taxes on the 1% to fund public education.

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