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Immigration Law Program

​Immigration Law Program

La Raza Centro Legal provides assistance to low-income, immigrant and Spanish-speaking residents of San Francisco and San Mateo counties who are seeking naturalization and legal status or who are victims of workplace or home raids.

Services provided by our Immigration Law Program:
  • Provide legal consults, investigate eligibility for relief and assist in applying for immigration relief.
    Assist victims of crime and asylum seekers.

  • Help individuals who are petitioning for family members to this country, applying for legal residency or citizenship, renewing their green card and work permits and fighting deportation.

  • Assist youth in filing for legal status under the Deferred Action Executive Order.

  • May having fee waivers approved for our extremely low income clients.

  • Make referrals to non-profits and low cost immigration attorneys.

  • Collaborate with other agencies to strengthen our outreach and education services, and enhance the legal expertise of our attorneys.

  • Provide Asylum and Deportation Defense services.

​The Immigration Law Program provides legal consultations and immigration assistance to the low-income, immigrant and Spanish speaking community of San Francisco and San Mateo counties. Please make an appointment by calling our front desk at 415-575-3500 or emailing All appointments take place at La Raza Centro Legal, 474 Valencia St. #295, San Francisco, CA 94103.


To determine your A# number or next court date: 1-800-898-7180

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